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Werkplaatshandboeken voor motoren Nederlands

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Een Derbi Mulhacen voor de Derbi fabriek
Je kunt je werkplaatshandboek natuurlijk ook bij de fabriek ophalen...

Het is vaak lastig om alle informatie bij elkaar te vinden over de werkplaatshandboeken die er voor je motor zijn. Hier doen we een poging om die informatie bij elkaar te zoeken.

Op deze pagina vind je werkplaatshandboeken voor de verschillende merken motoren; voor een aantal merken hebben we een aparte pagina ingericht.

N.B. De vermelde gegevens zijn die van de verkopers van de boeken. Vergissingen dus voorbehouden!

De links brengen je direct naar de pagina met uitgebreide informatie over het betreffende werkplaatshandboek.


Op deze pagina:

Sleutelen algemeen

Motorcycle Maintenance TechBook

Zelf je motor onderhouden:

Keith Weighill has many years of experience working with motorcycles, both in the trade and as a former lecturer in motorcycle engineering at Merton College.

His book provides the DIY mechanic with procedures and useful advice on servicing and minor repairs.

The book is divided into six chapters covering:

How to build up a toolkit and equip your workshop, recommended tools and test equipment for motorcycle use, advice on safety and personal protection.

Service schedule:
Where to find service specifications and how to interpret the service schedule, plus advice on carrying out a service and keeping service records.

Engine procedures,:
The chapter opens with an explanation of two-stroke and four-stroke cycles, then follows with procedures for valve clearance check, air filter cleaning, cooling and fuel system checks, oil changing, clutch adjustment, two-stroke engine top-end strip, spark plug checks, contact breaker points and ignition timing checks, engine compression test and exhaust system replacement.

Procedures for chain checks and lubrication, chain tension adjustment and wheel alignment, chain and sprocket replacement, steering head and swinging arm bearing checks, wheel bearing checks and replacement, lubrication of pivot points and cables, handlebar removal and lever replacement, suspension checks and adjustment, front fork oil change, tyre checks and tubed tyre replacement, speedometer cable, disc brake fluid level checks, fluid replacement, pad checks and replacement, bleeding, drum brake adjustment and overhaul, stand pivot maintenance and bodywork removal.

Battery checks and charging, maintenance-free battery filling, charging system voltage test, bulb changing, horn checks, handlebar switch removal, fuse checks, cable connector crimping and soldering, cable sizes explained.

and Accessories
Converting to a twin horn system, fitting fork gaiters, fitting a top box, fitting an automatic chain oiler.

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Motorcycle Basics TechBook (2nd Edition)

Een boek met uitgebreide uitleg over de werking van de motor:

Aimed at beginners to motorcycling and those starting motorcycle engineering courses, this book will provide the reader with a sound understanding of how motorcycle components function and how they have been developed.

The chapters are arranged in a logical order, starting with a full explanation of the two- and four-stroke combustion processes, the different induction methods and the various engine configurations, then leading on to chapters on how fuelling and ignition are controlled, how the engine is lubricated and cooled, and an explanation of the many different types of suspension, frame and braking systems.

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Motorcycle Electrical Systems

Een boek over het elektrische systeem van motoren:

Motorcycle electrical systems can be a mystery to the weekend mechanic and even to the experienced professional. No longer shall you fear the mass of wires under your fuel tank or seat or behind your headlight. Motorcycle Electrical Systems: Troubleshooting and Repair explains the principles behind motorcycle electrical systems, describes how they work, and reveals proper testing tools and techniques to find out where the problem's source is.

From Ohm's Law to reading wiring diagrams to specific electrical scenarios, author and motorjournalist Tracy Martin takes you on a guided tour of your motorcycle's electrical system. Martin details the various tools, such as multimeters and test lights, that can be used to evaluate and troubleshoot any bike's electrical system, dishing out handy tips to help you banish your electrical gremlins.

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Motorcycle Fuel System TechBook

Carburatuers en injectie van motoren:

This book combines the subjects of carburation and fuel injection.

The reader is taken from the basic operation of the carburettor and fuelling theory to the most sophisticated electronically controlled fuel injection in use today.

The text covers the common carburettor and injection system types (including older designs), plus their supporting components such as air filters, fuel pumps and sensors.

Practical advice covers overhaul, set up and the use of diagnostic equipment, plus a whole section on fault finding.

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Motorcycle Modifying Manual

Als je niet wilt sleutelen, maar wel graag hulp wilt bij het verfraaien en verbeteren van je motor:

Practical advice, accompanied by photographic step-by-step procedures, on the fitting of bolt-on aftermarket parts and accessories to typical superbikes.

Areas covered include exhaust systems and end cans, screens, undertrays and bodypanels, rear sets and clip-ons, steering dampers, upgrades to shocks and brake parts, engine mods and power improvers, instrumentation and lighting add-ons.

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